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[Resolved]Support Phone line Issues

We are aware of an issue affecting calls to our support number since 10am this morning. We are working with our supplier to resolve the issue ASAP. Support requests and general inquiries can still be made by emailing or

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[Resolved]Email collection issues

We have had multiple reports throughout the day of users having difficulty collecting emails. The issue  mainly seems to be effecting collection of POP email although IMAP appears to be affected as well. After much troubleshooting we believe the issue

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[Resolved]ADSL outage – Nottingham WBC node

We are currently investigating an issue that is causing a loss of service for DSL connections going through the Nottingham WBC node. We will post any updates as they become available.

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[RESOLVED] DSL and FTTC lines not reconnecting if disconnected.

BT have a major service outage at the moment. ADSL and FTTC connections that disconnect are unable to log back in again. Lines which stay online are unaffected. This appears to be a country-wide problem affecting many ISPs. The issue

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[RESOLVED] Network connectivity issue

We experienced a problem with connectivity to our servers at 10:15am today 06/12/2013. Connectivity was restored at 10:25am. It appears that at 10:15, our gateway firewall blocked access to the network. We are now running on the backup firewall and

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[RESOLVED] Emergency Maintenance on Windows Hosting/Email Platform

Due to a technical issue, we are rebooting one of the Windows nodes, which will affect some users on Windows hosting, and the swiftXmail service. We anticipate an outage of 10 minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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[RESOLVED] Emergency Maintenance on Hosting/Email Platform

We are about to reboot a number of hardware nodes on the hosting platform, due to a high load issue which was caused by a failure of our storage server for back-ups. This will affect some web sites and email

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