[Resolved]Email collection issues

We have had multiple reports throughout the day of users having difficulty collecting emails. The issue  mainly seems to be effecting collection of POP email although IMAP appears to be affected as well.

After much troubleshooting we believe the issue is not with our systems and in the last few minutes we have had conformation that it is an issue our upstream network provider is aware of and is effecting other Internet service providers.

We believe one of the contributing factors is a large update being released my Microsoft which is overloading networks.

We will continue to look at this and post an update soon.


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2 comments on “[Resolved]Email collection issues
  1. We have been advise by our upstream provider that Engineers have now been able to recreate the symptoms being reported and are investigating a possible root cause of the problem. Further updates will follow in due course.

  2. We have been advised that the issue should now be resolved.

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