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[RESOLVED] Support Phone line Issues

We are aware of an issue affecting calls to our support number. We are working with our supplier to resolve the issue ASAP. Support requests and general inquiries can still be made by emailing or creating a support ticket:

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[RESOLVED] Swift Support Line Issue

We are are currently having issues with receiving incoming calls to our main support number. We have reported that to our providers and we are expecting resolution soon. We can still be contacted by creating a ticket here: Alternatively

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[Resolved] Swift Helpline Outage.

We have just noticed some problems with our telephony exchange system. We have been in touch with our provider and they confirmed an issue on their end. Their engineers are looking into this problem now. Please bear in mind that

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[Resolved][Network] Possible network routing issues.

We’re experiencing some sort of network routing issues. Some website are not accessible from inside of our network. Also our VoIP system is down. We’re investigating this problem now.

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[Resolved] Incoming calls issues

We have been told by our VoIP provider about some issues with the incoming calls. Our main number (01212220500) is affected by this fault. Callers can hear a fast busy tone. We have no ETR so far.

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