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[Resolved][Network] Possible network routing issues.

We’re experiencing some sort of network routing issues. Some website are not accessible from inside of our network. Also our VoIP system is down. We’re investigating this problem now.

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Due to heavy snow and freezing temperatures, BT have issued an MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) / force majeure in the areas below, which could impact broadband services:

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[Resolved][ADSL][Scheduled downtime] BT line card software upgrades.

BT have advised that work will be carried out on the 21CN Broadband Network during the following dates and times: Monday 29/11/2010 02:00am – 06:00am Tuesday 30/11/2010 02:00am – 06:00am Wednesday 01/12/2010 02:00am – 06:00am Thursday 02/12/2010 02:00am – 06:00am

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[Resolved][ADSL] Network connectivity issues on the North of England

We are aware of a Network issue in the North of England which is currently affecting broadband connectivity around the Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire areas, since 2pm. Network Engineers are working to restore connectivity in those areas.

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[Completed] [Planned Maintenance]

We would like to inform that we plan to upgrade the software on the server swift17. The upgrade is scheduled for 03/12/2010 between 10:30pm 11pm. We expect some short downtimes of a few minutes each during this update. The upgrade will improve

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