Due to heavy snow and freezing temperatures, BT have issued an MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) / force majeure in the areas below, which could impact broadband services:

* Highlands
* North East Scotland
* Tayside and Fife
* South East Scotland
* West Scotland
* Newcastle and Northumberland
* Tyneside, Durham and Wearside
* Tees Valley

This notice became active from 2pm on Tuesday 30th November due to the current weather conditions.

Yesterday (01.12.10) the following areas were added to the list:

* York
* Bradford
* Leeds
* South Yorkshire/Chesterfield
* Lincoln
* Esher
* Croydon
* Crayford
* Southbank
* Tunbridge Wells

The recent heavy snowfalls and freezing conditions continue to impact BT Openreach operations in two main ways. Firstly they have caused the reduced mobility of Openreach’s engineering workforce and secondly reduced numbers of their people are able to get to work. This has resulted in a number of missed jobs and appointments. Whilst every effort is being made to contact those end users affected, they have not always been successful. Additionally Openreach/BT are experiencing the following issues:

* Some impact in service centres due to staff having to leave early because heavy snow is stopping public transport
* Their civil contractor Carillion Telent is increasingly unable to work within the street due to freezing temperatures
* Received requests from some highway authorities asking them to stop works which require traffic lights as they need to maximise traffic flows wherever possible
* Access issues to locate underground chambers buried under deep snow.

Further information will continue to be provided as and when available.

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