[RESOLVED] Data Centre on generator power

Our systems in the data centre are currently running successfully on generator power following a local  power incident affecting a number of properties in the area, that occurred at 15:51. The generators started in 17 seconds and took the load. Between these times our UPS devices continued to supply as expected. No services have been affected.

The power utility company has now attended the site and are currently working to replace high voltage equipment to restore service. They have advised that we may be subject to an extended period without mains power. We continue to run on generator power and expect services continue as normal, albeit at risk. We currently have no estimated time for the mains power to be restored, but will update as soon as we have further information.

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2 comments on “[RESOLVED] Data Centre on generator power
  1. Estimated time to restore mains power is 5:30pm to 6:30pm. In the meantime, all systems continue to run on generator power and services continue to run normally.

  2. The power utility company has finished engineering work, and mains power has been restored to the data centre.

    Both generators have been refuelled.

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