[RESOLVED] Issue affecting Web Hosting Email and VPS Server

There is currently an issue affecting Web Hosting, Email, and VPS Servers.

The data centre hosting our servers is currently experiencing an issue, which we believe is related to power.

They have engineers on site dealing with the issue, and we will update as soon as we have further information.

In the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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2 comments on “[RESOLVED] Issue affecting Web Hosting Email and VPS Server
  1. Almost all services are on-line again. There are still a few servers which are down, and we are dealing with those now.

  2. The data centre has provided the following preliminary report pending further investigation.

    Preliminary update on power outage Sunday 15th December
    Posted: Monday, December 16th, 2013

    Whilst we continue to gather detailed information on the power problems experienced in Telford yesterday to create an outage report, here is a preliminary description of events.
    At approximately 10:00am a significant local mains power issue resulted in a loss of power to Telford headquarters and other properties in the area. Our backup generator took over as intended and continued supplying power to our datacentres. All customer services remained uninterrupted.

    At approximately between 10.11am and 10.30am local mains power resumed and the generators returned to standby.

    Local mains power, although having resumed, was fluctuating following its reinstatement and was lost a second time at approximately 12:00pm. However, the mains supply had experienced a power surge that had tripped the breakers supplying power to the building. This meant that, without manual intervention to reset these breakers, the generator was unable to engage. The UPS systems maintained the load until their batteries were drained. As a consequence of this power interruption, all equipment in our Telford headquarters was affected and customers who are directly connected to our Telford datacentres experienced service interruption from approximately 12:00pm until the power was manually restored to the building at approximately 12.30pm.

    From approximately 12:30pm our engineers worked on restoring services in the datacentres on a priority basis (i.e. starting with core services). While the majority of customers’ services were restored from approximately 1:00pm, a small number of customers experienced a longer period of interruption. Our engineers have continued to work on restoring any remaining services.

    We continue to gather information from our power suppliers and analyse the sequence of events affecting our generators. We will provide an official outage report once this information has been gathered.

    We apologise to customers who have been affected by this issue.


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