[Resolved] [ADSL] BT 21cn/WBC Faraday Interconnect

We have been advised by BT that all customers connected to Faraday node can expect a connection drop.

We have no updates so far.

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6 comments on “[Resolved] [ADSL] BT 21cn/WBC Faraday Interconnect
  1. We have been updated that the fault has been raised within BT. Next update is expected at 12:45.

  2. The issue does appear to be related to a BT Major Service Outage. We will continue to push for further updates which will be provided when they become available.

  3. We have just discovered some extra information about the fault:

    The Incident detail is as follows- Incident ID: eop01/AR/00138359
    Start Date: 17/09/2012 11:46:41
    Estimated Completion Date: 17/09/2012 16:46:41

  4. BT have located a fibre break between the rack and the 4th floor.

    Now waiting on additional BT engineer.

  5. Additional BT engineer due to arrive at 17:15

  6. BT have respliced the fibre break and we can see affected users are now reconnecting. Anyone who cannot connect should power their router off for 15 minutes before retrying.

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