[Completed] [Planned maintenance] swift68.swiftinter.net

We would like to inform you that we plan to upgrade the software on the server your domain is hosted on. The upgrade is scheduled for 11/02/2011 between 10PM and 11PM.

We expect some short service disruptions during this update. The upgrade will improve and enhance both the security and the featuers of the server. The work will include a Plesk Control Panel update to the latest version 9.5.4.

We will keep you informed about the progress, and you will receive another email confirming completion of the upgrade.

At the same time we would like to announce our new service. Domain services status checker available at:


This checks a service availability for the domain name in the real time (refresh interval is 5 minutes).

If you want the most up-to-date information on updates you can visit our NOC (Network Operating Centre) notification site at https://noc.swiftinter.net/ and/or you can visit us and follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/swiftinternet

Sorry for any inconvenience caused during the software update.

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One comment on “[Completed] [Planned maintenance] swift68.swiftinter.net
  1. The update on the server has been finished successfully.

    We experienced some problems with the server start after the upgrade yesterday. Because of that we had to schedule another very short maintenance window for tonight. All problems have been resolved now and server is running and it’s fully operational.

    Sorry for all inconveniences caused.

    All maintenance windows are closed now and we don’t expect any problems with any services.

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