BT Network Issue

We are aware that BT currently have network problems, meaning some people cannot access certain sites or email servers.  It’s a BT issue which is outside our control so we don’t know how long it will take them to resolve.

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[RESOLVED] DSL and FTTC lines not reconnecting if disconnected.

BT have a major service outage at the moment. ADSL and FTTC connections that disconnect are unable to log back in again. Lines which stay online are unaffected. This appears to be a country-wide problem affecting many ISPs. The issue

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[RESOLVED] Support Phone line Issues

We are aware of an issue affecting calls to our support number. We are working with our supplier to resolve the issue ASAP. Support requests and general inquiries can still be made by emailing or creating a support ticket:

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[RESOLVED] ADSL & FTTC packet loss issues

We are currently investigating a packet loss issue on the network which is affecting ADSL and FTTC users which we believe is due to a core router blade failure in the interxion data centre. Engineers have been dispatched to Interxion

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[RESOLVED] Swift Support Line Issue

We are are currently having issues with receiving incoming calls to our main support number. We have reported that to our providers and we are expecting resolution soon. We can still be contacted by creating a ticket here: Alternatively

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[RESOLVED] Broadband Connection Issues

We are starting to get reports of broadband users in various part of the UK unable to reconnect to the internet if they become disconnected. BT have advised us that they are aware of the issue with authentication, but do

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[RESOLVED] Data Centre on generator power

Our systems in the data centre are currently running successfully on generator power following a local  power incident affecting a number of properties in the area, that occurred at 15:51. The generators started in 17 seconds and took the load.

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