[RESOLVED] Web Server issue on SWIFT32

We currently have an issue with the Apache web service on one of our servers SWIFT32. All requests to this web server are responding “502 gateway error”.

No other servers are affected

We have an engineer working on the issue and will update shortly.



The cause of the issue was a failed daily update of the mod security rules which are used for the application Firewall. The problem was caused by a third party supplier of the rule sets. A full explanation is provided here:


UPDATE 09:15
The Plesk support engineer advised that the issue was caused by a bad update of the application firewall which inspects all posts to the web server. The issue is now resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 09:02
The Plesk support engineer is still actively working on the issue, however we have no further information at present.

UPDATE 08:04
A Plesk support engineer has been tasked to resolve the issue.

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