[RESOLVED] Some Fibre Leased Line circuits down

We are aware that some leased line circuits in the midlands and north of the country are currently down. A network issue is currently being investigated urgently and we will update shortly.

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8 comments on “[RESOLVED] Some Fibre Leased Line circuits down
  1. We have 4 circuits which are affected by this issue.
    The circuits affected have IP’s 178.16.238.* and 178.16.239.*
    The circuits can be pinged from within the TTB network, but not from outside the TTB network, so this appears to be a TTB routing issue.
    TTB are investigating.

  2. Sorry for the delay in getting this issue resolved. The issue is with the TTB IOC Team and has now been escalated to management level.

  3. Update from TTB. The job has been escalated to the TTB IP access team.

  4. Update from TTB.
    This is not a simple config issue, and is currently under investigation by our IP access team, who would have carried out any changes overnight, we are not seeing anything which should have affecting the routing of that range. But we will continue to investigate until it is resolved.

    Assurance Escalation Manager

  5. TTB have escalated the issue to the head of assurance and the managers for the IOC and IP Access teams to expedite

  6. We are pressing TTB for an update.

  7. The circuits affected appear to be back online, although we do not yet have official confirmation that the issue is resolved.

  8. This issue is resolved. Further investigations between one of the senior TTB engineers and an engineer in TTB’s IOC managed to link the issue to planned works happening around the time (CRQ000000101125 – “Migrate and enable layer2/3 routing for core services on new-core01.thw”).

    They called out the on-call INE to investigate. He advised that when upgrading core devices in THW, they did not include the route on the new router.
    He has resolved this and has tested, confirming the route is now visible externally.

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