[RESOLVED] Loss of service for some broadband customers in London

We are aware of an issue causing loss of service to some Broadband circuits in London, which connect through the “Columbo” data centre node in London.
Early investigations suggest this is a BT issue, as many other Service Providers may also be affected. We’re continuing to investigate with BT and will provide further information when we have it.

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3 comments on “[RESOLVED] Loss of service for some broadband customers in London
  1. BT have confirmed they have an open incident and are in the process of completing diagnostics. They haven’t provided a root cause or estimated time of repair as of yet. We’ll continue to update upon receipt of further information.

  2. We are seeing customers come back on-line now, and await an update from BT

  3. We can see that service was restored at approximately 1pm. We are still in correspondence with BT in order to obtain information on the cause, but we will mark this issue as resolved.

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