[RESOLVED] ADSL & FTTC packet loss issues

We are currently investigating a packet loss issue on the network which is affecting ADSL and FTTC users which we believe is due to a core router blade failure in the interxion data centre.

Engineers have been dispatched to Interxion with replacement hardware and further updates will be provided as and when they become available.

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4 comments on “[RESOLVED] ADSL & FTTC packet loss issues
  1. Engineers arrived on-site at Interxion with replacement equipment at 13:25, so we expect a resolution to the packet loss issue shortly.
    When the blade failed this morning, traffic was routed around the problem and connections came back on-line, however this caused increased strain on the alternative path taken, which caused slower than normal speeds, and some packet loss.

  2. A number of broadband connections have just gone offline. We believe this is a temporary issue related to the engineering work. Customers should reboot the router if they are not back on-line in the next 20 minutes.

  3. The broadband connections which dropped offline during the engineering work have now reconnected.

  4. The packet loss issue was resolved earlier this afternoon, and we are continuing to monitor.

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