[Resolved] Network Issue

We experienced an outbound connectivity issue with the Hosting platform network at 12pm 25/04/13.
We failed-over to the back-up Firewall and switch which has resolved the issue, and continue to investigate the problem with the primary firewall/switch.

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3 comments on “[Resolved] Network Issue
  1. Emergency firewall maintenance.
    The Firewall manufacturer has supplied us with a special “hotfix” firmware version to apply to the firewall.
    We will apply this hotfix, and restart the primary firewall at around 12:15pm today Friday 26/04.
    This will produce a short outage of around 20 seconds during the transition from the back-up firewall to the primary firewall.
    Ideally this work would be performed out of normal working hours, however it is essential that we return our network to full fail-over capability as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  2. Failover test
    The Firewall work is completed, and looks successful.
    We are now going to perform a fail-over test which will produce 2 further outages of approximately 20 seconds at 1:40pm.

  3. All tests have passed so this issue is now resolved.

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