[Resolved] [ADSL] MSO Sheffield Node

We are currently aware of a Major Service Outage on BT’s network which is affecting a number of 20cn based DSL connections connected to the SHEFFIELD node.

BT are currently working to resolve this issue, however no time has been announced as of yet.

Further updates will be posted as the information is received from BT.

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One comment on “[Resolved] [ADSL] MSO Sheffield Node
  1. This issue is now resolved.

    At 10:53 BT experienced difficulties with hardware in the Sheffield node which affected 20cn DSL users in the surrounding area.

    The difficulty was as a result of faulty card impacting routing across multiple devices.

    Service has been restored as of 12:21pm by completing a remote reset of hardware.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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