[Completed][Planned Maintenance] swift16.swiftinter.net

We would like to inform that we plan to upgrade the software on the server swift16. The upgrade is scheduled for 29/11/2010 between 10:30pm 11pm.

We expect some short downtimes of a few minutes each during this update.

The upgrade will improve and enhance both the security and the featuers of the server. The work will include a Plesk Control Panel update to the latest version 9.5.2 and an e-mail server change.

There is a major change which will take place after the upgrade  related to enhancing e-mail security. This change requires action by the end user.
To date, the server has been accepting “short usernames” (so the user can login as mail_user). After the upgrade short names will cease to function, and only full usernames will be accepted. The username format will be mail_user@your_domain_name.tld.

For this reason we have written a tutorial explaining how to modify the username settings in most commonly used e-mail programs.
The tutorial can be found here:

Before any changes will be made in the e-mail software, please visit the website below. You can see which services will be affected by the upgrade and also whether all your services are hosted by Swift Internet. All you need to do is to enter your domain name into the text field.

If you like you can change your e-mail username now because the server accepts both short and long usernames now. After the upgrade only the long username format will be valid.

We will keep our users informed about the progress, and everyone will receive another email confirming completion of the upgrade.
If you want the most up-to-date information on updates you can visit our NOC (Network Operating Centre) notification site at https://noc.swiftinter.net/ and/or you can visit us and follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/swiftinternet

Sorry for any inconvenience caused during the software update.

Swift Internet Support Team
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  1. We would like to inform that the upgrade work on the server has been completed successfuly.

    We are not experiencing any problems with the server at the moment.

    If you have any problems with sending emails please confirm your settings following the description below:

    If you need help with the configuration or have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact support.

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